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Cyclones fall in Lawrence, 14-11


NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Aiden Wyatt recap, where I give you my thoughts as the game is happening. Minimal editing with maximum emotion If you don’t like that, I don’t really care. Here we go!

Iowa State is in Lawrence taking on the Jayhawks of Kansas. High 70s and sunshine are in the forecast, which is odd considering how gloomy of a state Kansas is. Zing! Clonies are -3.5 and Kansas has too much dip on their chip. Let’s go!

Cyclones set up shop at the 25-yard line after losing the toss and eventually electing to receive. Iowa State starts the day with a pair of screens to Jaylin Noel and Xavier Hutchinson to get the drive going. Dekkers and company would eventually stall out at midfield after a sack by KU’s Taiwan Berryhill.

Alright folks, here’s what we came to see. Iowa State’s defense against Kansas’s offense. On 3rd down and 1, the Jayhawks picked up 30 for the first big pick-up of the day for this explosive offense. Kansas would eventually be forced to punt after a couple of nice plays from the Cyclone defense.

Iowa State starts their second drive from their own 16-yard line. Jaylin Noel takes another screen 18 yards to add some life to the drive early. After a mix of runs and passes, the Cyclones eventually find themselves in KU territory before Jaylin Noel has another big catch on 3rd down to keep the drive alive. After a bad snap, Iowa State faced a 3rd and 20 but made up enough to get back into field goal range, but they elect to go for it. 4th and 7 from the Kansas 27 and Dimitri Stanley makes a diving catch to pick up the first down. Two plays later, Dekkers is sacked once again and has another long 3rd down. Unable to get it, Jace Gilbert lines up a 38-yarder from the right hash that hits the upright and is no good. After allllll that, still 0-0 in Lawrence.

The Jayhawks start their second possession of the day from their own 21-yard line as we wind down the first quarter. Kansas starts with some razzle dazzle by handing it off to former starter Jason Bean who converts an 8-yard pass. Cool looking play but didn’t amount to much. Nerds! Daniel Hishaw takes the next handoff 14 yards before allegedly coughing it up and after review, the call obviously stands because we can’t have nice things. Kansas retains possession and would get a very generous pass interference penalty to aid the drive on the very next play. Fun! A 30-yard rush from Devin Neal on 3rd down has the Jayhawks inside ISU’s 5. “A hole if there ever was one, come on guys,” the call from Eric Heft. Hishaw would allegedly find the endzone a few plays later (another review in Kansas’s favor). “What are they lookin’ at?” says John Walters. Not ideal ladies and gents, 7-0 Jayhawks with 11:30 left in the 2nd quarter.

Hunter Dekkers and the fellas are back at their own 25. 3 and out. Ensuing punt sees Beau Freyler get to the return man early, all of a sudden Kansas is back at midfield. Good news though, Jon Heacock plays the UNO reverse card and forces a 3 and out right back.

Cyclones from their own 7 now with just over 9 minutes left in the first half. Dekkers picked off just a few plays later. Cobee Bryant takes advantage of a miscommunication and the vibes are low. They reviewed an ineligible man downfield for KU and in all honesty, I’m not sure what is going on. The play is reversed and Kansas has the ball on the ISU 10, why not! Get this - the officials are heading back to review the review. If there’s horseshoes are there horse socks? Is anybody listening? After review, the review is reversed, but the review of the review stands. Or something. KU finds the endzone a few plays later, 14-0 Jayhawks with 5 and a half to play in the first half. Straight up not having a good time right now.

Iowa State, in need of an answer before the half, starts at their own 25 once again. A delay of game to start the drive and we just look lost. Cyclones eventually get a favor from the men in stripes as a pass interference keeps the ISU drive alive. Next play, Dimitri Stanley comes up with a 53-yard catch to set up first and goal! Hold onto your butts! Easton Dean finds himself wide open on 3rd down to score his first career touchdown! PAT attempt sees a rough snap but Blake Clark takes it in for two, 14-8 Kansas leads with 2:51 left in the first half.

Kansas takes two plays to get deep into Iowa State territory, Coach Campbell pleading for a hold on just about every play. Jayhawks eventually elected to kick a field goal from 50 yards and it is very wide right. Cyclones take over with 50 ticks left in the first half from their own 33-yard line. Easton Dean catches another pass right around midfield to get the drive started. A last-ditch effort from midfield with 3 seconds left and Dekkers is probably going to unleash one here.

Dekkers got sacked before he even got a chance. 14-8 KU at the break.

The Jayhawks open up the 2nd half from their own 21. It only took them three plays to get back around midfield. And then, they punt on 4th and 3 from the 45-yard line? Would be a shame if that hurts them later. Iowa State gets the ball from their own 20. X makes back-to-back great plays for a solid pickup to get inside the 40 of Kansas. Clones they are a-movin'! The drive eventually stalls after Dekkers can’t connect with Hutchinson on great coverage from the safety overtop, Jace Gilbert does connect from 35 to make it 14-11 KU with 5 and a half to play in the 3rd quarter.

Ensuing kick sees Sevion Morrison return it out to the KU 45, not ideal. Two plays later, all of a sudden the ball is back on ISU’s half. Good news, Jon Heacock dials up the punt play. KU’s player was on the goal line but they mark the ball at the 1-yard line. Time for the 99-yard drive! Ole reliable Hutch man comes in clutch on 3rd and 9 to get Iowa State a first down and some breathing room. The Cyclones get the run game going to approach midfield. Hunter Dekkers throws up a prayer to Hutchinson on 4th and 7 to extend the drive, but X is injured on the play. He’s chillin’ I think. Two plays later, not chillin’. Hunter Dekkers is intercepted by Cobee Bryant, but we’ll take a 2nd - or hell, even a 3rd look - at this one. Incomplete, Iowa State maintains possession. Eventually, Jace Gilbert gets the nod from 45 yards out but misses it off the upright once again. Pain.

3 and out, quack quack ball back. Or, Jaylin Noel muffs the punt and Kansas has the ball at the ISU 29. Take your pick. Wrong! KU football. Wrong again! O’Rien Vance forces and picks up a Hishaw fumble! Iowa State football! Fuck you! Where’s the Tylenol?

Anyway, Dekkers and the fellas set up from their own 42-yard line with 9 minutes to play. Cyclones face a 4th-and-inches and convert and I need a new pair of shorts. A few plays later, Iowa State would be forced to punt. Touchback, Kansas football from their own 20 with 5:21 play. MJ Anderson comes up big on 3rd down and gets ISU’s first sack of the day, forcing a Jayhawk punt. Jaylin Noel returns the punt to the 43-yard line of Kansas, 3:02 remaining. A very clutch 4th and 3 conversion in a Dekkers-Silas connection keeps the drive alive, Iowa State inside the 30 now. 12 Kansas players on the field gives Iowa State the ball at the 24-yard line to get a re-do on 3rd down. Hutchinson dragged down at the 19, a yard shy of a 1st down. Iowa State sending out the field goal unit to tie up the game with 32 seconds left. 20 yard line from the left hash and this is very wide left, Kansas wins, 14-11. Pain and sadness and everything bad.

Iowa State is back in action at home against Kansas State next Saturday, October 8th against Kansas State (6:30, ESPNU). Onto the next, Loyal sons forever true!