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The Mid-Morning Dump: You Scored As Many Touchdowns as Iowa State and Iowa Did Saturday

Horrible offensive football in the state of Iowa

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LOSS TO TCU. The ISU soccer team fell to the #10 Horned Frogs.

VOLLEYBALL LOSS. The ladies were swept by K-State.

VOLLEYBALL WIN. They also secured a nice win against Kansas.

NORTHWESTERN UPDATE. The tennis team finished 6-0 in the weekend matches.

GAME RECAP. Iowa State’s offense doomed them to another close loss.

MAILBAG. Answers to the questions of the people.

NO OFFENSE. But some is taken at how poor our offense is playing.

NO GROUND GAME. Running the ball is hard.

MLB PLAYOFF BRACKET. Is finally set after the Mets lost to the Padres.

PUJOLS CAREER DONE. What a terrific career for #5.

AROLDIS CHAPMAN. Will be left off the ALDS roster because he missed a workout.

NFL WINNERS AND LOSERS. Jacksonville is not a winner.

NFL WEEK 5 TAKEAWAYS. What did we learn?

HORRIBLE CALL! Benefits Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

G-MEN WIN IN LONDON. Somehow beating the Green Bay Packers.

CRY FOR HELP. McVay says that Matt Stafford “needs help”.

MORE CONCUSSION PROTOCOL. For the Miami Dolphins as Teddy gets banged up.

VIKINGS ARE 4-1. Earn a home win over the feisty Bears.

NICE. Iowa loses on the road at Illinois 6-9.

RED RIVER ROUT. Oklahoma was demolished by Texas 49-0.

CHIP KELLY. The UCLA Bruins ransacked Utah on Saturday.

RULE BOOK ODDITY. Texas Tech appeared to recover an onside kick against Oklahoma State, but the Cowboy player signaled for a fair catch, meaning he gets an unfettered chance to catch the ball and it ended up a kick catch interference penalty on Tech. What?