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This Week in GIFs: Offense is Offensive Against Kansas State

Well that one really stunk

Kansas State v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images


There’s nothing quite like a sure-thing sack turning into a big-play touchdown.

An 8 play 74 yard drive would stall out in a field goal.

And so would a 16 play, 69 yard drive.

Maybe Tom Manning thinks field goals are worth 6 points.

Anthony Johnson absolutely saved the game with a hustle play to force a fumble into the end zone.

After Kansas State missed a field goal, another drive stalled with a field goal to give the Cyclones the lead.

Eventually Kansas State would take the lead on a field goal, and the 3-0 start crashed to 3-3.

The Cyclone defense was trying to keep the Cyclones in the game like:

Pre-snap penalties backed the Cyclones up on key drives.

Hunter Dekkers is having issues in the pocket.

“Run for 2 yards, incomplete, incomplete, punt”.

Be warned before watching the 2022 Cyclone offense.