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The Mid-Morning Dump: Never a doubt

A win is a win.

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REVERSE SWEEP Cyclones come up with three straight set wins to defeat West Virginia.

FRIEND OF THE PROGRAM Eleanor Holthaus now sits alone at 5th all-time for kills in ISU history,

TIS THE SZN For tip-off times.

MEDIA DAY Iowa State’s men’s basketball team hosted their media day on Wednesday.

TENNIS SCHOOL Thasaporn Naklo picks up her 100th career win.

SEND IT TO THE GODFATHER John Walters takes you through his keys to the game against Texas.

THE NIGHT CAP Be sure to check out this week’s episode!

THAT’S ASSAULT BROTHA Las Vegas Raiders wideout Davante Adams is charged with assault after shoving a worker after their loss to the Chiefs.

UHHH BRIAN? Alex Padilla will probably end up in the transfer portal after this quote.

BRIAN! “Brian Ferentz is not the problem.” - Brian Ferentz

I MEAN WHAT ARE WE DOIN FELLAS? The Ferentz family biz is above the law.

BASKETBALL! Who’s winning MVP this season?