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Big 12 Officiating Crew Demonstrates that Incompetence Knows No Bounds

There is no other way around it.

People are going to say this is sour grapes and Iowa State fans complaining about officials again and they are wrong. Iowa State just lost a game in Austin through pure officiating incompetence. And, yes I know Xavier Hutchinson dropped a game winner with no one around him. Iowa State deserves all the credit in the world for playing their hearts out today. They deserve to be playing in overtime at the absolute worst.

Let’s get to it. Iowa State has a 1st down with 2:30 left on the Texas 30 yard line and Hunter Dekkers keeps the ball on a read option. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He was targeted by a Texas player and that is why the ball popped free. Iowa State has been victimized by targeting calls for much less, called in from the officials’ booth after it wasn’t called on the field. HOW WAS THAT NOT THE CASE HERE???? Dekkers got blasted straight in the face. Officials called this play that the ball carrier was down by contact and went back for review. You be the judge but I didn’t see enough indesputable evidence to overturn it. AND THEY SAID THE PLAY WAS CONFIRMED. THAT MEANS IOWA STATE KEEPS THE BALL. But nope, Texas was given the ball and got a first down to end the game. Pure, uncut incompetence all around. This officiating crew should be fired on the field for the safety of the players in these games. Call me bitter all you want. I’m right. That was ridiculous. Horns down forever.