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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Best Weekend of College Football

If you don’t like college football, you’re missing out

GAME RECAP. The brakes came up Texas in a close loss Saturday.

OFFENSIVE OFFICIATING. The Big 12’s incompetency knows no bounds.

IOWA STATE TO AIR IT OUT? They started throwing the ball around against Texas.

MATT WELLS HAS QUESTIONS. On the officiating from Saturday.

HEAR FROM THE PLAYERS. Following the loss to Texas.

OTHER CYDE. Check out this week’s version.

JACK TRICE BOOK. Check out more on it here.

BIG 12 MATCH PLAY. Has begun for the men’s golfers.

PENALTY KICKS. Sink Iowa State vs OSU.

GOALPOSTS IN THE RIVER. Tennessee finally beat Bama and the celebration was amazing.

TCU. Stays unbeaten after win over OSU.

NFL WEEK 6 GRADES. The NFC East is still good.

BEST OF BASEBALL. Showcased by this weekend’s action.

OCTOBER WALK-OFF. From the Cleveland Guardians.

RODGERS UPSET. Team needs to simplify things.

BILLS BILLS BILLS. Buffalo is off and running at 5-1 with win over Chiefs.

EAGLES TOP COWBOYS. Excellent Sunday Night football game.

POOLE TALKS PUNCH. For the first time.

AP TOP 25 UPDATE. Following an awesome weekend.