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The Mid-Morning Dump: NBA DAY


BYE BYE BYE Iowa State has been looking out of ‘sync’ lately, and a BYE week might be exactly what this team needs.

WEEKEND RECAP After a loss in Austin, Iowa State is 0-4 in conference play. Here’s the recap, an episode of the litecast, and this week in GIF’s.

HILTON SOUTH The Twister Sisters are in Kansas City for Big 12 media days. The Cyclones should get plenty of coverage after being named the preseason favorite to win the conference.

OH BY THE WAY... WRNL has some NCAAW coverage of their own. Aiden and Lea sit-down with Bill Fennelley ahead of this year’s highly anticipated season.

IN THE LAB Meanwhile the men’s team is gearing up for their upcoming season.

IT’S BAAAACK We can all finally stop watching football and baseball because the NBA season is HERE.

QUICK HITTERS LeMickey is dangerously close to an all-time record, the Warriors are mad, and the takes are hot.

BATTLE IN THE BRONX The sooner Aaron Judge stops interrupting my television experience, the better.

BILLS v CHIEFS My generation’s Patriots v Colts.

GREEN AND BLACK House of the Dragon is nearing a Civil War, choose your side wisely.

NBA UNIFORM WATCH Alright, new Mid-Morning Dylan segment because I suck at gambling. I’m going to highlight all 30 NBA teams with one of their new uniforms and my all-time favorite uniform from the team. Up first, the Boston Celtics.