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The Mid-Morning Dump: World Series Set as Astros Face Phillies

Plus NFL action and more

BASKETBALL PREDICTIONS. The season is just around the corner.

CARR FALL SHORT, Of podium at the U23 Championships.

VOLLEYBALL SWEEP. Over the Red Raiders.


BIG 12. Good, bad, and ugly.

BRYCE. HARPER. Has taken his Phillies to the World Series.

TRASH CAN CHEATERS. Beat the Yankees, are back in the World Series.

WEEK 7 GRADES. From the NFL weekend.

5 BIG NFL SURPRISES. Hint: The Packers are one.

BREECE HALL INJURED. Hopefully he can make a quick recovery.

WEEK 7 TAKEAWAYS. Josh Jacob and the Raiders are back.

BAD TOM BRADY. The Buccaneers are in big trouble.

DAK BACK. As the Cowboys beat the Lions.

BENGALS. Seem to have figured it out again.

COLLEGE FOOTALL WINNERS AND LOSERS. Is Bo Nix a Heisman candidate now?

TCU IS 7-0. Just like we all expected.

DOWN GOES TEXAS. To Oklahoma State in a thriller.