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The Mid-Morning Dump: Existence is Pain

Iowa State lost a brutal road game in Lawrence

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GAME RECAP. Iowa State failed in nearly all aspects of Saturdays game.

DOSE OF REAILTY. It’s time to start a dialogue, folks.

MISTAKES IN THE MARGINS. For the Cyclones in the last two games.

MAILBAG. Answers to the questions of the people.

DON’T BLAME THE KICKER. Says Randy Peterson.

BROCK INJURY UPDATE. He is listed as week to week, which means done for the year.

VOLLEYBALL LOSS. The ladies were swept by K-State.

NFL TAKEAWAYS. Bronco Nation is not riding, the Eagles are 4-0, and the Giants are 3-1.

DK METCALF. Carted off to the locker room so he could poop.

DOUBLE DOINK! For the Saints as they lose to the Vikings in London.

RETHINKING THINGS. Tua’s injury has caused the NFL to review it’s concussion protocol.

RODGERS CONCERNED. The Packers are winning, but something doesn’t feel right.

IS GENO SMITH GOOD? Seattle may have found something.


WEEK 5 RECAP. From a goofy college football weekend.

DILLON GABRIEL HURT. On a nasty hit as he slid against TCU.

NCAA BOWL PROJECTIONS. Servepro First Responder Bowl for the Cyclones.

PUJLS HITS 702. What a season it has been for him.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. As we near the playoffs.