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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Big 12 is ALIVE

A new TV deal was announced over the weekend

GAME RECAP. The Cyclones fell at home to Oklahoma.

OFFENSE FALTERS, DEFENSE SHINES. The Cyclone offense is in a scary place.

GAME REPORT CARDS. Pretty much everyone gets a poor grade.

ADJUSTMENT COMING? Following other tough stretches, Matt Campbell has adjusted.

OTHER CYDE. Check out this week’s version.

7 STRAIGHT. The wins are piling up for the volleyball team.

MONEY MONEY MONNNNNNEY. A new TV deal for the Big 12 was announced on Sunday.

ANALYSIS. On the TV deal here from Heartland College Sports.

IMPACT ON THE PAC 12. Nice look here from a western perspective.

BIG 12 FOOTALL. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

THE GOAT. Pat Hoberg called a perfect World Series game.

NFL WEEK 8 GRADES. Jacksonville has lost 5 in a row.

NFL WHAT WE LEARNED. We learned that NFL kickers aren’t very good.

NFL TRADE TRACKER. As the trade deadline approaches.

PACKERS. Yes, they’re 3-5.

CHRISTIAN MCCAFFERY. Man, that could turn out to be a huge trade for the 49ers.

DURANT AND KYRIE. Folks, it is not going well.

LAKERS WIN. They won’t be going 0-82.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL TAKEAWAYS. Ohio State snuck out a win against Penn State.

WHAT IS GOING ON AT MICHIGAN STATE? Mel Tucker may not have long to figure it out.