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WRNL Interrogates: Bring On The Cats

Let’s see what the felines have to say

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

We tracked down Jon Morse of Bring On The Cats to ask him a few questions before the game tomorrow. So let’s dive right into it!

1) We are back to Farmegeddon! Why haven’t the two schools got together to make a traveling trophy? One that is actually worth a darn.

Because they hate us. By which I mean BotC and WRNL specifically. We’ve given them perfectly good ideas and they just ignore us. It’s the one thing we, as Most Hated Rivals, not only agree on but work together to see accomplished.

We should riot.

2) The wildcats have the 5th best rushing attack in the country in terms of yards per game. What has been the main catalyst for the success so far?

When you have Adrian Martinez and Deuce Vaughn in your backfield behind a great offensive line, yards are going to happen like magic.

Unless we’re playing an angry little splash of water.

3) Give us one name on offense and defense that Iowa State fans don’t know yet that they should look out for on Saturday night.

The only name y’all don’t already know on offense is DJ Giddens. He’s Deuce’s backup, and he gained at least 10 yards on damn near every single carry until the Tulane game.

He’s been somewhat absent since then, for reasons which escape my understanding, but what he provides is a big change of pace from Vaughn. Giddens is a lot taller and just kinda smashes through you rather than ducking past you.

On defense… the entire safeties unit. They’re all new, and they were our biggest concern pre-season.

They aren’t anymore. Keep an eye out especially for Kobe Savage, a transfer from Tyler JC who wasn’t a hot recruit coming out of high school but blossomed while collecting his associate’s degree.

4) How would you go about attacking Kansas State defensively?

This is my concern this weekend, although I have faith that Joe Klanderman will have actually, you know, looked at film.

With K-State’s defensive setup, linebackers (especially Khalid Duke, a natural DE who lines up as a backer) often join the pass rush in an organic fashion rather than blitzing.

That sometimes leaves the underneath routes open. I have noticed Dekkers likes to throw there. It scares me.

5) How come Klineman doesn’t keep getting tossed around in coaching rumors? What do we gotta do to deflect some attention that way to give us a break.

Look, you can relax about that now, because every school with a vacancy is going to be showering Lance Leipold with offer—

[hand to earpiece]

Oh, I’ve just been informed they’re playing TCU this week so that will all probably stop.

I guess your only option is to lose this week so Nebraska will move their gaze west.

6)It’s time. What do you think happens? Won wins and why?

You want me to predict the outcome of a Farmageddon game in Ames? HAVE YOU GONE MAD, SIR?

K-State’s favored by two. I feel like they’re going to win but the Clones are gonna cover. And since both teams have good defenses and, um, questionable offenses, I’m terrified this is gonna be a very, very B1G game. Like 14-13 garbo.