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The Mid-Morning Dump: CFP Rankings

I Hope You’re Ready for the Big 12 to get Screwed

RANK IT UP The Cyclone volleyball team enters the week ranked 25, they play tonight against Chicago State (Chicago, famously, not a state)

HAPPY HOMECOMING The weather looks about as nice as the Cyclone’s big 12 record this weekend, no excuse not to show up and show out.

THE ASSOCIATION Another night, another Cyclone head-to-head.

CFP RANKINGS My bold prediction is that no school from Iowa will be ranked.

LeGM LeBron and the Lakers might need to do some early season trades after a slow start to the season.

KEEP AN EYE OUT For these teams in the upcoming college men’s basketball season. Hint, Iowa State is not listed.

ANNOYING If you go to the ESPN NCAAM homepage right now, there’s full conference breakdowns for both the Big 10 and the SEC, I have 0 doubt in my mind that the Big 12 will be the best conference in basketball, and last year’s champs are from the Big 12. Ridiculous.

THE UNSTOPABLE FORCE meets every moving object. Zion is shaping up to be one of the worst defensive ‘big men’ ever.

NO COMMENT Kyrie was made unavailable for media questions last night. The Nets are 2-5, everything is bad. As a Nets fan, I’m tired and the season just started.

MACTION There is college football on tonight, incredible. But I found maybe the crazies MACtion ever. Ball State v. Western Michigan 2020. One of the 16 laterals in this play were deemed a forward pass after review, Ball State wins. Wild.

NBA UNIFORM This week, the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks have had some very distinctive looks. The Dominique era red and yellow curvy designs. The Mutombo huge red hawk stretching across the middle of the jersey. And the weird triangle neon yellow thing they did for a bit more recently. My favorite is more understated alternate uniform that worked in all the right ways. On the topic of Atlanta, RIP Takeoff.