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This Week in Gifs: Same Old Pain

Another week, another sub-par offensive performance

Texas Tech v Iowa State Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Shout out to those who braved the cold for the Cyclone Sicko game of the century.

They weren’t without beer though, as fans in the stands looked something like this:

The Cyclone offense at mid-field:

The Cyclone offense once they get into the red zone:

Drake Nettles kicking field goals:

Ironically, if Iowa State had kicked field goals instead of going for it to take the lead, they could have won 16-14.

That is assuming, of course, we can make field goals.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Iowa State dominated TOP, total yards, first downs, and even won the turnover battle.

And they still lost.

The Cyclone offense to Iowa States bowl chances:

The margins to Iowa State:

Don’t be surprised when Iowa State beats TCU.