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The Mid-Morning Dump: Good Morning to Everyone, Except EA Sports

Give me that Game. Now.

TOP 5 Iowa State is a top 5 team in the country, let’s keep it rolling.

THANKFULLY Only one game left this season.

NO BRAINER X is still on the ballot for the Biletnikoff.

MAMA, THERE GOES THAT MAN Tyrese Haliburton cut the Magic up for the Pacers 5th straight win.

HOW COULD YOU? After promising a 2023 release, EA will make it a full decade between college football games. Brutal.

YIKES Bounce passes, and veteran heady plays don’t put butts in seats according to the son of the head coach.

FEAST WEEK A happy holidays to those who celebrate. Here’s some top matchups and storylines for the non-con headliners.

MESSY Messi and Argentina lose a tough one against Iran. I don’t care about soccer, and no one is going to make me.

HIM Swim, rim, Kim, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

WEMBY!!! The French Freak, the Bonjouricorn, Baby KD, Wemby Longlegs.

UNIFORM OF THE WEEK The Chicago Bulls got some of the most recognizable and classic uniforms in the game. But there’s something a little extra special about those script uniforms with young MJ rocking the gold chain.