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The Mid-Morning Dump: Messi and Argentina Win the World Cup

And a big win for the ladies over #25 Villanova

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RAINING THREES. The Cyclones shot their way past Villanova on Sunday.

MEN TAKE DOWN WESTERN MICHIGAN. A 16 point home win for the fellas.

INFLATION. Hotel costs have been hurting the Cyclones.

BASKETBALL VISITOR. A 4-star prospect was on campus over the weekend.

DECISION WEEK. Cyclone commit Ben Ngoyi to make a decision between us and Nebraska this week.

SAWYER BARTLET. Dresser added a 2-time national champ to his 2024 class.

ARGENTINA. MESSI. The GOAT finally gets his World Cup.

UNLIKELY HERO. For the winning squad.

MBAPPE. It’s official folks, this kid is a major star.

BIGGEST COMEBACK IN NFL HISTORY. As the Vikings come back from down 33 against the Colts.

TWO BAD CALLS. Hurt the Vikings along the way, here is how the officials explained it.

RADIERS WIN. In one of the most bizarre endings you’ll ever see.

COMMANDERS. Are very upset at the officials after last night’s loss.

WEEK 15 NFL TAKEAWAYS. Is the NFL rigged?

MLB FREE AGENCY TRACKER. Lots of moving pieces still at this point.

TRADE RUMORS. The Twins, among others, may be very active.

NBA POWER RANKINGS. Grizzlies continue climb to top spot.

MEXICO CITY EXPANSION. Adam Silver has commented on possible expansion south of the border.