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SOURCES: Matt Campbell Considering Brian Ferentz as Adopted Son and Offensive Coordinator

A classic 2-for-1 that helps everyone involved.

Iowa State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

It’s a newsy Friday for the Iowa State football program. Fresh off the news that Iowa State is parting ways with Tom Manning, speculation has naturally turned to who will ultimately be the replacement. Well, the fine folks at WRNL have learned that an unexpected candidate is emerging as a possibility: Iowa’s least favorite son OC Brian Ferentz.

But we’ve also learned an interesting tidbit that makes tells this reporter that there’s smoke to the fire. Brian, of course, works in the family business under longtime Iowa Football head coach and disappointed father Kirk Ferentz. Apparently Brian was seen throwing duffle bags in his car outside the Ferentz home late last night, and a “For Rent” signed has been placed in the front yard of Kirk’s residence.

Where does Iowa State and Matt Campbell fit into this? The 43-year old head coach is reportedly considering adopting the 39-year old Hawkeye OC. This would certainly make the transition for Brian easier, as he is definitely not used to working for someone other than his dad. There’s no word yet on if AD Gary Barta will allow this to happen, but he could probably be enticed to let Brian go.

Iowa just finished the 2022 campaign ranked 130th in total offense, averaging 255 yards per game. QB Spencer Petras completed 55% of his passes this season with 5 TD passes and 5 INTs in 12 games. But if you ask anyone involved in that program, they did the best they could. There was no upside to trying anything different.

And of course there’s the important caveat that Iowa went 7-5 and almost won the Big Ten West again, just barely coming up short against 4-8 Nebraska at Kinnick Stadium in the final game of the season. The Hawkeyes also won 10 games in 2021.

Brian clearly has a proven track record of being the offensive coordinator of a winning football team. His innovative scheme of running the ball directly into the line of scrimmage twice before throwing a 3 yard out route on 3rd and 8 could certainly get Iowa State back up the Big 12 standings.

Iowa has also seen a lot of movement on the offensive side of the ball before it’s upcoming bowl game, with WRs Arland Bruce IV and Keagan Johnson hitting the transfer portal, as well as QB Cade McNamara transferring in from Michigan. Could this be the first domino for Iowa State beefing up the offense for 2023? Time will tell. But this candidate is worth monitoring further. Stay tuned to WRNL for more updates.