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The Mid-Morning Dump: Greatest bowl game ever?

Nah the 2007 Fiesta Bowl exists.

SOLD Iowa State announces sellouts for a few upcoming men’s games.

WRESTLING SCHOOL Marcus Coleman picks up NCAA and Big 12 Wrestler of the Week awards.

NEW FACES IN NEW PLACES Iowa State Football has made a few hires, what does it mean for the future of the program?

IT’S ALL WEST TEXAS The Red Raiders make the Big 12 proud with the thumping of Ole Miss.

HOK FANS DON’T DESERVE HIM After a majority of fans were ready to float Spencer Petras down a river, he still seems like a chill dude who loves ball.

SPEAKING OF KICKIN WILDCAT ASS Missouri put a whoopin’ on Kentucky.

MALICE AT THE PALACE PART TWO? Not quite, but there was a brouhaha.

HUH? Derek Carr is being put in timeout for the remainder of the season.

DUCK DOINK Almost pain brother.