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#7 Iowa State drops close one to #2 Iowa 18-15

We were so close but yet so far away.

Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

It all came down to bonus points...

Iowa State won 5 matches. Iowa won 5 matches. What made the difference? Iowa’s 3 out of the 5 wins were won by 8 points or more. What does that mean? Bonus points... Yes, those sneaky points add up to a win and that was the difference maker. But Jacob, what’s the point system entail? Well before I give the results I should walk through the point system for casual wrestling watchers.

How do team points work?

Well to get team points, your wrestler must win the match. By winning a match the team can earn 3 points. Wrestlers can get more team points by certain criteria. We call that bonus points. Below will be the criteria and how many points the team gets.

  • If the wrestler defeats the opponent by 7 points or less, then the team is rewarded with 3 points. (We call that a Decision)
  • If the wrestler defeats the opponent by 8-14 points then the team is rewarded with 4 points. (We call that a Major Decision)
  • If the wrestler defeats the opponent by 15 points then the match is instantly stopped and the team is rewarded with 5 points. (We call this a Technical Fall)
  • If the wrestler is disqualified then the other team is rewarded 5 points.
  • If the wrestler gets the opponent on their back and both shoulders touch the mat, then the opponent is pinned. The match stops and the team is rewarded with 6 points.
  • If the team does not have a wrestler to step on the mat, then the team forfeits the match and the other team is rewarded with 6 points.
  • If the wrestler can not finish the match because of medical reasons, then the wrestler medically forfeits the match and the other team is rewarded 6 points.

*Please note that referees can take away team points if they deem any unsportsmanlike conduct has happened.

This is the basic rundown of the team point system. We can talk more about the point system later in the season. Let’s go through the match results.

Match Results

125: Spencer Lee (Iowa) Major Dec. Corey Cabanban (Iowa State) 16-5

133 Ramazan Attasauov (Iowa State) Dec. Cullan Schriever (Iowa) 3-1

141: Real Woods (Iowa) Dec. Casey Swiderski (Iowa State) 4-2

149: Paniro Johnson (Iowa State) Sudden Victory Max Murin (Iowa) 3-1

157: Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa) Major Dec. Jason Kraisser (Iowa State) 10-2

165: David Carr (Iowa State) Dec. Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) 10-4

174: Nelson Brands (Iowa) Major Dec. MJ Gaitan (Iowa State) 13-5

184: Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) Dec. Abe Assad (Iowa) 3-2

197: Yonger Bastida (Iowa State) Dec. Jacob Warner (Iowa) 4-3

285: Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) Dec. Sam Schuyler (Iowa State) 9-2

Matches Overview

Surprise, Surprise. Tom Brands started Spencer Lee at the 125. Kysen Terukina did not dress up and Corey Cabanban started. Although this was not close, I will give props to Corey Cabanban. He held up against the #1 wrestler at 125 and even got a takedown on him. To do something like that takes guts and he did all he could to not give up any more team points. The final score was 16-5.

* Major Decision Iowa 4-0

At 133, Ramazan Attasauov made his appearance over Zach Redding of Iowa State while Iowa had Cullan Schriever suit up. This match was close, but Ramazan had the only takedown to win the 133 weight class. The final score was 3-1

* Decision Iowa 4-3

141 weight class did not disappoint with Real Woods making his first appearance of this year facing Casey Swiderski. It was a battle throughout the match, but Real Woods rode Casey Swiderski out through the whole 2nd period. After the match was over, Casey Swiderski and Real Woods had a bit of a heated exchange. I will say that there was no love lost between these two men. The final score was 4-2

* Decision Iowa 7-3

149 weight class was the surprise of the night as Paniro Johnson defeated Max Murin. Johnson was the underdog in this match, but if you have been watching Iowa State wrestling, he has consistently exceeded expectations. This match had to go to overtime, but Johnson got the match's only takedown. The final score was 3-1.

* Decision Iowa 7-6

At 157, Jason Kraisser faced Cobe Siebrecht. in the first minute of the match, Siebrecht took Kraisser down and put him to his back. Kraisser tried to fight back into this match but Siebrecht’s length was too much to handle. The final score was 10-2.

* Major Decision Iowa 11-6

At 165, David Carr went against Patrick Kennedy. David was in control of the whole match. David was so close to getting a Major Decision but came just short of the 8-point mark. The final score was 10-4.

* Decision Iowa 11-9

True freshman MJ Gaitan got the start over Julien Broderson facing off against Nelson Brands. Nelson Brands controlled the whole match. MJ has some growing to do but has great potential. The final score was 13-5.

* Major Decision Iowa 15-9

Marcus Coleman went against Abe Assad at 184. Overall, this was an extremely strategic match. Marcus got the final say with the takedown. The final score was 3-2

* Decision Iowa 15-12

This 197 matchup was a wild battle between Yonger Bastida and Jacob Warner. Bastida was confident in this match and you could see that Warner was bothered by it. In the end, Yonger’s aggressiveness won the match. After shaking hands, Warner and Bastida exchanged some words followed by Bastida blowing a kiss to Warner. What a kind man. The final score was 4-3

* Decision Tied 15-15

It all came down to this 285-pound matchup with Sam Schuyler and Tony Cassioppi. Overall, Cassioppi rode Schuyler for over 3 minutes but props to Schuyler for fighting til the end of the whistle. Cassioppi is the top 3 wrestler in the 285 weight class for sure. The final score was 9-2.

* Decision Final team score: Iowa 18-15

Final Thoughts

Iowa State battled tough but came up short. Those bonus points can mean the difference between a win and a loss in a duel. Taking #2 Iowa to the wire and only winning by bonus points shows that Iowa State is a top-10 wrestling program. The future is bright and exciting for Iowa State. Next up is against Oregon State on December 19th. If you have time, please join us on our Sudden Victory podcast. Sam and I will break down more coverage of the CyHawk showdown and any other news related to college wrestling. We are also located on the Discord website/app where you can join us on any sports-related topics.

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