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The Mid-Morning Dump: Purdy Niners

Mr. Irrelevant to the Moon!

GIMME THAT Some Rhules were meant to be broken. Iowa State flips a tight end that had formerly been committed to Nebby.

TOP 20 The men climbed up to 20 and could find themselves in the top 15 if they win out this week.

TWISTER SISTERS The national headlines will be about Caitlin Clark, but I think the secret is out on how to beat the 6-3 Hawkeyes, let’s see if the Cyclones can execute tomorrow night.

MAYFIELD MAY NOT It appears that the Purdy Niners are the team of the future. Coach Kyle Shanahan seemed like he was in no hurry to sign Baker when asked last night.

BEST QB AWARD I mean the Heisman trophy finalists were announced. Team Duggan.

SCOOT Make no mistake; the NBA 2023 draft class is loaded. Victor Wembanyama is still the clubhouse leader, but Scoot Henderson is more than a consolation prize.

GETTIN’ CHIPPY Eight players were ejected after things got pretty out of hand at TCU.

WHAT NOW? If this was a P5 school, it would be leading every sports talk show today. Wild stuff out of New Mexico State.