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The Almost Noon Dump: Read the Room Brady

Hey Man, It’s College Basketball Season

GAMEDAY Kansas v. Iowa State, Hilton Coliseum, top 20 match-up, need I say more?

HOOPER Ashley Joens tremendous play has landed her on the Wooden Award watchlist. A surprise to no one.

SEEMS GOOD Iowa State had a HELL of a weekend. Two basketball blowouts, a wrestling win over Ok State. Good chance our club hockey team won too.


BRADY RETIRES, BUT PETTY People forget that Eli Manning is arguably better than Tom Brady.

A WISE MAN Once said nothing at all, turns out, Kevin Porter Jr. is not a wise man.

ANDREW WIGGINS? All Star fan vote is a hell of a drug. Here’s a look at the worst... most undeserving all stars of all time.

BRACKETOLOGY A month away from March, Joey Brackets has the big dance updated as of this morning. (Iowa State down to a 7 seed)

CF CHANGS If you like racing, hockey, arena football, obscure bowl games, and or nachos you need to be following Connor. Congrats buddy, very happy for you. #GreenleeGrads

RAGE Lubbock is going to be angry.

CHRIS CREAMER (future?) SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK Although the logo and branding hasn’t been released, a new team is headed to Des Moines. The USL (Think triple A baseball but for soccer) is coming to Des Moines.