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Iowa State Defeats Pesky Panthers

Cyclones Grit Out 16-15 Thriller

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Nirmalendu Majumdar/Ames Tribune / USA TODAY NETWORK

Iowa State took out UNI in a STRESSFUL dual on Friday night. For the first time this season, the Cyclones split the 10 matches with their opponent. In the end it was Yonger Bastida’s bonus point victory that gave them the edge. Iowa State lost 3 of 4 toss-ups in a night full of nailbiters. If you weren’t able to watch, let me paint you a picture.

A misdirection takedown in the first period gave Kysen Terukina a 2-1 lead entering the second period. UNI’s Brody Teske then scored an escape and wild counter-takedown to build a 4-2 lead for himself going into the final period. Teske’s third period takedown sealed a 6-3 victory to start the Panthers off in the win column.

At 133, Kyle Biscoglia took down Ramazan Attasauov early in the match. Attasauov bounced back to tie the match at two when he escaped in the second period, but Biscoglia answered with another takedown. Heading into the third Biscoglia led 5-2 with over two minutes of riding time. An escape, a second stall point and riding time gave Biscoglia an 8-2 victory. The Cyclones trailed 6-0.

After Iowa State dropped the first two matches, senior Ian Parker took the mat against freshman Cael Happel. Parker gave up the opening takedown, but tied the match with a pair of escapes. Happel’s second takedown came off a reshot with 30 seconds left in the second period and maaaan was I worried. Parker found himself in a hole, trailing by 2 in the third period. He rode to erase Happel’s riding time, cut him loose and immediately shot in. After a drawn out finish Parker secured a cradle and put Parker on his back for nearfall! The 6 point move secured a 9-5 victory. Not only did Parker survive an upset scare, losing that match would’ve swung the met HEAVILY in UNI’s favor.

At 149 Jarrett Degen locked up with Colin Realbuto. After spending much of the first two minutes in the body lock/whizzer and over/under positions, Degen scored on his trademark trip. Realbuto escaped, then Degen nearly put Realbuto to his back, but time ran out before points were secured. In the second period the senior put a tough ride on, racking up two minutes of riding time. After choosing down he was cut loose to start the third period. Degen’s second takedown clinched the match. He won 6-2 and tied the meet for the Cyclones!

There’s a reason people all across the country love watching David Carr wrestle. He scored 3 takedowns in the first period. After another takedown in the second period the reigning national champ worked to put Derek Holschlag to his back. With no luck on that, he cut the Panther loose looking for the major decision. He led 8-3 at that point, but had riding time locked up so needed just one more takedown and a rideout. He got it with about 20 seconds left, but Holschlag escaped to avoid giving up the bonus point. Notably, Iowa State lost their challenge in this match. Iowa State was ahead 9-6 at the dual’s halfway point.

After a brief intermission Isaac Judge stepped up against a tough Austin Yant. Judge was the first to get in on a leg attack when he shot in the second. Yant forced a stalemate then got a takedown of his own. He added two backpoints as time expired. Yant escaped to start the final period and Judge kept attacking. Yant clung on for the 5-0 victory. Dual meet score: ISU 9, UNI 9.

In yet another swing match Joel Devine was the aggressor in a scoreless first period. National qualifier Lance Runyon chose down to start the second period. Devine’s suffocating claw ride and mat returns held the UNI wresler down the entire second period. In the third, Devine went underneath looking for an escape of his own. Devine was called for stalling twice and the ref awarded UNI a 1-0 victory giving them a 12-9 lead.

In the highest ranked matchup of the night #6 Marcus Coleman took on returning All-American and #4 Parker Keckeisen. Keckeisen nearly got a first period takedown, but Coleman showed great defense and the first period ended without any points on the board. Keckeisen used an escape and takedown to build a 3-1 lead after two periods. Coleman was up and out in the third to pull within one point. Keckeisen finished a single leg and later added two nearfall from a cradle to win 8-2. UNI took a 15-9 lead.

When Yonger Bastida took the mat Iowa State needed to win both remaining matches to tie the meet. Bastida used an ankle pick to score the first takedown. He then went duck under to a double leg to take a 4-1 lead to the second period. Bastida added three takedowns in the second period to make the score 10-4. In the third Bastida continued his clinic adding FIVE takedowns in the third period. That’s 35 takedowns for him in his last 4 matches. He scored a crucial major decision (21-8) and brought Iowa State within two points entering the final match.

UNI sent out 2x national qualifier Carter Isley against Iowa State heavyweight Sam Schuyler in the final match for all the marbles. Schuyler got in on Isley’s legs twice in the first period, but the second period started scoreless. Isley started on bottom and escaped in 12 seconds. Schuyler chose down to start the third period. He got his escape in 3 seconds. Schuyler took yet another shot which Isley defended. Isley finally made an offensive move of his own and Schuyler made him pay! He scores on a go behind with 10 seconds left to win the meet for the Cyclones! What a meet.


The victory moves Iowa State is now 14-1 in dual action, 8-0 in Big 12 duals. At times they looked flat tonight. It certainly wasn’t their best performance. But they overcame adversity to win in a tough atmosphere over a game opponent. Ian Parker showed tremendous grit in his comeback win. Degen and Carr controlled their matches from start to finish. Bastida bounced back from a slow start and showed us how good he is. And Sam Schuyler came through when his team needed him most. There is no need to ever again bring up he is a transfer. He is now Clone to the Bone whether he likes it or not.

There’s no rest for the wicked. Iowa State concludes the regular season on Wednesday at #8 Missouri. A win there and this team does something only two other Iowa State squads have done – finish undefeated in Big 12 duals.