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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ashley Joens Makes History

Ashley Joens now sits alone at the top in Cyclones history books.

WORTH A WATCH Great piece on John Crawford, the first African American to play for ISU basketball.

I’LL BE DAMNED Personally I can’t think of when a 67 yard field goal would ever come in handy.

MAKING HISTORY Ashley Joens etches her name into the Cyclone record books with some iconic moments on the way there.

ON AND OFF THE MAT Eight Cyclone wrestlers found their way onto the academic All-Big 12 team.

A THING OF THE PAST We haven’t seen a back to back NFL champion since 2003, will we ever see one again?

KEEP EM’ COMING The Green Bay Packers made another move within their coaching staff in hopes of convincing Aaron Rodgers to resign.

CALL ME CRAZY But I think the Suns are good.

DEMVP DeMar Derozan is having the best season of his career, but it hasn’t come easily.

WAIT A SECOND This must be the worst technical foul involving a member of the Fab 5 we’ve ever seen.