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Oklahoma Kicker Jace Gilbert Signs with Iowa State

Gilbert is the 18th-ranked kicker with Kohl’s Kicking Camps

Jace Gilbert, a kicker out of Marlow, Oklahoma, signed with the good guys this morning. Gilbert is ranked 18th on Kohl’s Kicking Camps for the 2022 class.

From Kohl’s website:

Gilbert recently attended Kohl’s National Scholarship Camp in July of 2021. He was impressive in all three areas at camp. He displayed a very strong leg and was very consistent throughout camp. His punting has improved dramatically since the winter. In July of 2020, he charted 27 points in the field goal portion of camp and 108.51 points in punting. In July of 2021 and had a KO score of 112 at the National Scholarship Camp. Gilbert is a strong powerful specialist with the potential to continue to play early in college!