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The Mid-Morning Dump: Two Hour Late Start

If Kids Get to Sleep in, so Should I

THE HATERS ARE SICK Find somebody that hates you as much as purple Kansas fans hate random Iowa State factoids.

SOFTBAWW No L’s allowed.

ROCK FIGHT Iowa State looks for revenge coming off a two-game win streak.

COMMON FOUL If I may, I expect harder fouls in the Iowa State v. WVU game to go uncalled. That’s a face caress, play on.

EDITORIAL I got a couple thoughts here. Greg Gard should’ve never inserted himself; it was dumb that both teams were playing like this was a close game down the stretch, that assistant shouldn’t have started barking, and yeah don’t open palm fist strike people. That’s a one game suspension though.

DIDN’T WE JUST DO THIS? Name a more iconic duo than dumb rankings and basketball players.

WE SLEEP IN MAY It is rare I find someone who likes college basketball more than me, and Jon Rothstein is a rare man.

TWO WORDS: JOSH GIDDEY Sam Presti has unlimited draft picks, and if they all turn out like Josh Giddey, good things will happen for the Thunder.

EUPHORIA PRESENTS: EUPHORIA If you’re not watching this HBO series you are sorely missing out. Top 10 tv episode of all time.

CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK It was the USFL’s unveiling of their uniforms this past week, and it ranges from fine to average to meh.