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Cyclones are facing off against West Virginia and Air Force

The Cyclones are looking to keep their winning streak going on Friday and Saturday.

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Cyclones are on fire!

Iowa State is now on the home stretch and looking to finish out the season on a high note. They are ranked 5th in the nation and are rolling full steam ahead. with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State behind in the rearview mirror, the Cyclones are looking to finish out the season unscathed in the conference. Before they do that, they must finish strong and beat the remaining Big 12 teams which 2 of them will be coming to Ames this weekend. Iowa State will first face West Virginia and then the next day goes against Air Force.

West Virginia

The Cyclones will face the Mountaineers on Friday, February 4th at 7 p.m. it will be available to watch on ESPN+. The Mountaineers have a 5-5 record and 0-3 in the conference. They are looking for their first conference win but will be tough to get against these mighty Cyclones.

Starting Lineup

(All rankings are based on Flowrestling)

125: #18 Kysen Terukina (ISU) Vs #10 Killian Vardinale (WVU)

133: Ramazan Attasauov (ISU) Vs Garett Lautzenheiser (WVU)

141: #15 Ian Parker (ISU) Vs Caleb Rea (WVU)

149: Jarrett Degen (ISU) Vs Jeff Boyd (WVU)

157: #1 David Carr (ISU) Vs Alex Hornfeck (WVU)

165: Isaac Judge (ISU) Vs #17 Payton Hall (WVU)

174: #17 Joel Devine (ISU) Vs Dennis Robin (WVU)

184: #7 Marcus Coleman (ISU) Vs Anthony Carman (WVU)

197: #14 Younger Bastida (ISU) Vs Jackson Moomau (WVU)

285: #22 Sam Schuyler (ISU) Vs #23 Michael Wolfgram (WVU)

Air Force

Air Force is 3-4 and 1-4 in the conference. Iowa State will wrestle them in Ames on Saturday February 5th at 12 P.M. This will also be available to watch on ESPN+. Air Force is looking to bolster their win column.

Starting Lineup

(Rankings are based on Flowrestling)

125: #18 Kysen Terukina (ISU) Vs Jared Van Vleet (Air Force)

133: Ramazan Attasauov (ISU) Vs Sidney Flores (Air Force)

141: #15 Ian Parker (ISU) Vs Cody Phippen (Air Force)

149: Jarrett Degen (ISU) Vs Dylan Martinez (Air Force)

157: David Carr (ISU) Vs Giano Petrucelli (Air Force)

165: Issac Judge (ISU) Vs Trey Brisker (Air Force)

174: #17Joel Devine (ISU) Vs Sam Wolf (Air Force)

184: #7 Marcus Coleman (ISU) Vs Jake Thompson (Air Force)

197: #14 Younger Bastida (ISU) Vs Kayne Hutchison (Air Force)

285: #22 Sam Schuyler (ISU) Vs #14 Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force)


West Virginia and Air Force are looking to get a win in Ames, but I don’t believe they will find one here. Iowa State has plenty of guys to get the job done. One thing to look forward to is Sam Schuyler being challenged by Wyatt Hendrickson of Air Force and Michael Wolfgram of West Virginia. It should be good matches for him. another match to watch is Kysen Terukina and Killian Vardinale of West Virginia. Great opportunity to get a win and move up in the rankings. Overall, Iowa State should be able to get both wins.


Iowa State 35-6 West Virginia

Iowa State 32-3 Air Force