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The Mid-Morning Dump: Let the Winter Olympics Begin

Did you guys know the Winter Olympics started? Because I sure didn’t.

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RETURN OF THE GRILL Caleb Grill was featured in a story about “boomerang” transfer players where he showed love to Ames.

TIME TO PROVE IT With half of conference play over ISU basketball looks to separate themselves from the rest of the Big 12.

BLAST FROM THE PAST Two of the Cyclones best from the modern era meet up.

WHAT A TOSS We would commit felony level crimes to see Brock Purdy in the NFL one day.

USA USA USA I can feel the patriotism coursing through this countries veins.

IN AND OUT The battle for LA did not disappoint.

PRIORITIES Hey, sometimes a man needs to eat.

A LEGENDARY RUN Linsanity is one of the best basketball stories in recent NBA history and it started 10 years ago in February.

AMERICAS TEAM If you weren’t rooting for the Bengals before, you are now.