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Iowa State Manhandled West Virginia

The winning streak continues as Iowa State defeats West Virginia!

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Nirmalendu Majumdar/Ames Tribune / USA TODAY NETWORK

Iowa State continues to shine

Iowa State showed dominates as they won against West Virginia tonight. It was a good win and they really showed why they are the 5th ranked team in the nation. West Virginia was certainly spunky and got a couple of our guys but after Joel Devine was pinned, the determined Cyclones decided to turn up the heat. They didn’t look back and the rest was history!


125: Kysen Terukina (ISU) Dec. (6-5) Killian Cardinale (WVU)

133: Ramazan Attasauov (ISU) Major Dec. (10-2) Garrett Lautzenheiser (WVU)

141: Ian Parker (ISU) Dec. (8-2) Caleb Rea (WVU)

149: Jarrett Degen (ISU) Dec. (8-3) Jeffery Boyd (WVU)

157: David Carr (ISU) Major Dec 17-5 Alex Hornfeck (WVU)

165: Peyton Hall (WVU) Dec. (4-3) Issac Judge (ISU)

174: Dennis Robin (WVU) Fall (1:09) Joel Devine (ISU)

184: Marcus Coleman (ISU) Fall (1:14) Anthony Carman (WVU)

197: Younger Bastida (ISU) Tech Fall (22-8 6:14) Jackson Moomau (WVU)

285: Sam Schuyler (ISU) Sudden Vic. (6-4) Michael Wolfgram (WVU)


The duel started at 165 and the first two matches started in West Virginia's favor. After the Joel Devine pin, Marcus Coleman thought it was time to start the fire underneath Iowa State’s belly. Marcus pinned Anthony Carman and after that, Iowa State didn’t lose another match. I would say that there were 2 matches that really stood out to me tonight. One of them was Sam Schuyler defeating Michael Wolfgram. That was a tough match for him and you could clearly see that Michael Wolfgram weighed a bit more than him. but with determination and pure willpower, Sam got the final takedown in sudden victory. He really showed how resilient he is through tough adversity. The other match was Ksyen Terukina defeating Killian Cardinale. Ksyen showed how dominant he can be in the 125-pound weight class. This will really propel Kysen in the rankings and rightfully so.

Next up on the schedule is Air Force on Saturday, February 5th at Noon on ESPN+. Don’t miss out because it will be a fun one!