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The Mid-Morning Dump: Big 12 Tourney Gameday

Most wonderful time of the year.

WRASSLIN’! The seeds came out for Iowa State’s 9 wrestlers who qualified.

BIG DAY FOR ASHLEY JOENS Ashley Joens was named to the Cheryl Miller top 5, as well as a semifinalist to the Naismith Trophy.

TENNIS SCHOOL Iowa State’s latest rankings in tennis.

IT’S GAMEDAY Iowa State heads to Hilton South tonight to kick off post-season play.

ARE YOU IN KC? Here is the WRNL guide!

VINTAGE TONY SNELL Tony Snell keeps surprising us.

MAURY! MAURY! MAURY! Jerry Jones is being sued by his alleged child.

TEXAS NOT BACK Texas State with an emphatic horns down.

BIG DAY IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL Lots of great games today as conference tournaments pick up.