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The Mid-Morning Dump: Pain and Suffering

On the bright side we all get to watch the Twister Sisters blow through West Virginia today.

LIKE A CAR WRECK It’s awful, but I just can’t look away.

GO TIME Both times the Cyclones faced WVU this year ended in double digit victories for Iowa State.

FAST APPROACHING Football season is always closer than it appears.

TRAVELING BATS Cyclone Softball looks to bounce back into the W column this weekend in California.

BEARS FANS LOOK AWAY The Bears will eat 24 million in dead cap after this deal.

THANK YOU RUDY GOBERT A moment in history that was cemented by Twitter memes.

PLAYOFF BASKETBALL ENERGY The Nets blow out the 76ers in Ben Simmons return to Philly.

MASSIVE IMPLICATIONS One of Europe’s biggest clubs will be faced with some difficult decisions.

BASEBALL IS BACK The MLB ended their lockout yesterday after 100 days of discussion between the MLBPA and the MLB.