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The Mid-Morning Dump: Is It Friday Yet?

This week is moving very slow.

MESSAGE FROM A LEGEND One of the greats sent a message to the Clones ahead of the Sweet 16.

HOW SWEET IT IS Iowa State is one of three schools that will feature both men’s and women’s teams in the Sweet 16.

TOP TIER PLAYERS ESPN ranked the top 25 players in the WBB Sweet 16, read to find out where Ashley Joens and Emily Ryan rank.

PRO DAY Cyclone football hosted pro day yesterday, the men put on a good showing.

REGIONALS BOUND The gymnastics team will be competing in NCAA regionals.

TOP FA Top tier free agent Terron Armstead signed a massive contract with the Miami Dolphins.

LONG ODDS An ambitious gambler has a chance to win $800,000 from St. Peter’s in the tournament.

ANOTHER MOCK Find out who your team is expected to pick in a recent mock draft.

NIT QUARTERFINALS Can’t wait till tomorrow for more basketball? Luckily there are two NIT games tonight.

ICE TRAE Trae Young doing Trae Young things.