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The Mid-Morning Dump: This is a Cyclone Weather Alert

Grab a Lawn Chair and Watch the Storm Roll In

MR. MOUNTAIN DEW NIL is alive and well, Carter Boothe was handing out free Dewski’s on campus over the weekend.

STEP INTO MY OFFICE The series continues, I wrote Big Man Bob Jones article yesterday.

HOO-BOY The Cyclone State is in for a doozy. (Selfless plug, tune into KCCI to keep you updated tonight, I’ll be headed north on I-35)

LOL WHAT? Nothing like saying the Brooklyn Nets experiment failed right before the playoffs with a wide-open Eastern Conference, I’m sure that won’t backfire. Stupid ESPN.

DEAN BLANDINO The best name in officiating is headed back to the XFL.

WNBA DRAFT The draft suffered a little from so many college stars deciding to run it back, the NPOY race will be wild next year in Women’s hoops.

FROM ONE DRAFT TO ANOTHER The NFL draft is on the horizon, here’s the ringer’s mock draft 4.0

HERE’S HOW YOU DO THE SPORTS JOURNALISM Instead of the most asinine clickbaity headline for a nothing story, here’s a preview of all teams in the play-in tournament for the NBA playoffs. ESPN should take notes.

SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK I keep forgetting that the team that lost to the Cubs in the 2016 World Series are now called the ‘Cleveland Guardians’. I do like the logo though.