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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa State Got That NIL Money

The We Will Collective is here

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WE’RE RICHHHHH *ITCHHHHH! Iowa State now has an NIL Collective.

JUST WHAT IT TAKES. To remain competitive in a world where Nigel Pack gets a milly and a car.

RECRUITMENT. Mailbag discussing a variety of players.

BIG. GAME. TAE. #11 put on an absolute show to help Denver stave off elimination.

NFL DRAFT WEEK. Certainly a lot of upside for this year’s draft, has a great motor too.

NUGGETS. Stave off elimination against Golden State.

NOLA. Has evened a Booker-less Suns-Pelicans series.

NO FIRE, NO DESIRE. The world is roasting Ben Simmons.

PRO WRESTLING HEEL. Grayson Allen and the Bucks obliterate the Bulls.

UGLY IN THE BRONX. Classless Yankee fans threw objects at Guardians outfielder.

SCHWARB F-BOMBS. Kyle Schwarber was not happy with Angel Hernandez, which no one ever is.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. Twins get a sweep, Cubs Pearl Harbor the Pirates, Cleveland has a rough week.

RACING. Here is an update and rundown from Talladega.