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The Mid-Morning Dump: Draft Day

And the Bulls are officially not back.

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BIG SOFTBALL SCHOOL Iowa State broke their attendance record the other idea in their win over the team out east.

DOIN’ IT ALL 15 softball players were named to the Academic All-Big 12 teams, the most in the Big 12.

BEN JACOBSON IN SHAMBLES ISU snags long-time UNI assistant Erik Crawford officially.

DANCING The ISU women’s golf team has qualified for the NCAA Tournament.

THE NIGHT CAP This week, we had George Conditt IV on the show to talk about his career at Iowa State.

CUBS WIN! I’m not going to tell you any other scores from Chicago because this is my article and I don’t have to.

POVERTY ST. LOUIS CARDINALS Show some respect to America’s pastime.

DALLAS KEUCHEL: GOOD AT BASEBALL The Yankees cheated and still couldn’t touch the 2015 Cy Young winner.

NIGHT NIGHT NUGGETS Steph and the Warriors complete the gentlemen’s sweep.

WHO DOES ROCKY HAVE TO BEAT IN RUSSIA But seriously, Britney Griner might have light at the end of the tunnel for her to come home.