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The Mid-Morning Dump: Four Shining Moments?

The Madness Comes to an End

DOGS One of my biggest questions after Otz’s first campaign was: Is defense the identity, or a short term fix? Looking at the new transfer’s shooting numbers, and defensive stats, we’re keeping it ugly in Ames.

FOUR SHINING MOMENTS Tyrese Hunter’s dagger was a no brainer, but two other players made the compilation, as well as a cheerleader. March belongs to the Cyclones.

TENNIS SCHOOL Our women’s tennis team is doing the damn thing.

JORDAN 96-97 Going backkkk to back. (Can’t wait for Texas Tech to win it next year, and Iowa State the year after that)

TIGER Augusta belongs to the apex predator. Put all your money on Tiger and thank me later.

WAY TOO EARLY TOP 25 The Big 12 is loaded, a surprise pick at number one, and the Cyclones nowhere in sight... interesting.

THE MOCK For Cyclones that are casual NBA fans, one thing to keep an eye on, if the Pacers move up and try to get a potential star to pair with Tyrese.

BASEBALL A chilling reminder that the cursed time between the NBA finals and the first weekend of football looms ever closer.

THE PEOPLE’S CHAMP Mr. Cinderella is on the move, and I hope that man leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes. Godspeed Doug.

SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK To celebrate those wretched Jayhawks, I thought I’d congratulate them with one of the worst throwback logos of all time. Kansas sported this monstrosity from 1912-1919. Behold, Chalky Long Legs.