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The Mid-Morning Dump: Did the Hawks win the trade?

Paging Dylan Coon.

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THINK FAST TEEJ’ Otz nailed a quiz about himself.

ST. JOHN’S DON’T WANT THE SMOKE The Big 12-Big East Challenge is set.

EYE EMOJI EYE EMOJI Omaha Bilew has the Cyclones in his final four schools.

IN JAMIE POLLARD WE TRUST He’s got the steady hand.

WHOMPING Warriors dominate in game one.

DID THE HAWKS WIN THE TRADE? More like Luka Drink-too-much.

I DON’T THINK THAT’S HOW THIS WORKS CHUCK Charles Barkley puts seven (7) guys on his Mt. Rushmore.

STILL LOVE THE CHUCKSTER Guess he shouldn't have picked the Mavs to win.

AS THEY SAY IN HOCKEY They did that hockey.

DR. ROLLE Former Florida State DB is giving back.