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Litecast: More Basketball Recruiting, Playoff Talk, and the Greatest Segment of All Time

Let’s take away some championships.

Matt, Austin, and Dylan talk movies we haven’t seen before talking some more basketball recruitment news. Osun Osunniyi is a Cyclone, and Dylan has been planning this move for years. We also break down the recruitment of 5-star Omaha Biliew, who is considering Iowa State. The guys then break down Jamie Pollard’s comments from the tailgate tour about the future of the Big 12 and what to prioritize: football or basketball. Finally, we stumble into our greatest segment ever. Jimbo Fisher complaining got under our skin, so a roundtable broke out about who to take championships away from if we could. This episode finishes off with some NBA talk. Dylan takes his victory lap over the Mavs demise, and we debate the merits of another potential Warriors championship. Sponsored by Es Tas Bar & Grill!