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The Mid-Day Dump: Luka is Fat

The Mavs are down bad

HORNS DOWN? Not the case for former Cyclone Tarique Milton who will be playing for the Longhorns via his twitter.

TAILGATE TOUR The bus rolls on, coaches take a tour around the state during the off-season.

SAMI SOSA Slammin’ Sami Williams has moved on from Iowa State but is staying close to the diamond.

LUKA IS FAT Luka is going to need a super team if he ever wants to get over the hump. You’re not that guy pal. (Video is NSFW)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Luka’s defense made Andrew Wiggins look like a first ballot hall of famer in game 3.

MUST WIN OR CAN’T LOSE? I haven’t watched daytime ESPN programming, but it might be both for the Celtics and the Heat in game 5.

HATE THE JERSEY, LOVE THE PLAYER If Keegan Murray wore anything other than the black and gold, I’m convinced he’d be my favorite prospect headed into the draft.

SEC CFP Too many acronyms, but long story short the SEC is power drunk and think people outside of the SEC would care about this laughingstock.

TWEET OF THE WEEK Iowa’s baseball team is the envy of Brian Ferentz.

TAKE A RING AWAY One of the best segments, if you could make any team retroactively lose a championship, who would it be? Listen to our picks on this week’s Litecast.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK For the remainder of the summer I’m gonna highlight the infinite pool of ridiculous logos from minor league baseball. If you have a favorite MiLB logo, let me know. This week it’s the Florida Fire Frogs based out of Kissimee.