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Kickoff Times Released for Non-Conference Schedule

Bit of a Mixed Bag

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 29 Cheez-It Bowl - Clemson v Iowa State Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The kickoff, and tv provider was announced for the Cyclones first three games Thursday afternoon. As well as a Thursday night home game turning into a Saturday game against Oklahoma.

At first glance, I’m sure with a heavy majority, I was relieved to see no 11 am kicks, but then I remembered, it’s going to be super hot outside. So I don’t love the idea of roasting in the sun against SEMO and Ohio when they’re just on ESPN+ which seems like we could play those games whenever the hell we want. But whatever, gives you two extra hours to tailgate, and hopefully drink some cold beer to offset the hot weather.

Big Ten Network? Gross. Big Ten Network is the red headed step child of FOX sports, and I just generally dislike everything Big Ten. But, maybe we’ll be able to help the hawks with some eyeballs since we all know College Gameday is only coming to Cy-Hawk if its in Ames. So good for the Hawks, always nice to see the little guy win.

As for Oklahoma, I’m conflicted. This has been a great series in the last 4-5 years. Super close games both home and away with an outlier here or there. Thursday sucks for tailgating but we’re also almost guaranteed to be the only college football game on national television that night. It would’ve been a great showcase for Matt Campbell’s program, Jack Trice Stadium, and the fanbase at large.

This is admittedly less of a big deal now than it would’ve been say 7 years ago. We’ve had College Gameday twice in the last 4 years, a New Year 6 Bowl victory, and we’ve been to 5 straight bowl games. People know about Iowa State football by now, I get it, but you’ll be hard pressed to find me turning down a stand-alone slot for college football. All goes well, Jack Trice will still be packed against OU, and hopefully it’ll be a prime time game with Big 12 title game implications for both teams involved.

So all in all, pretty alright with how this shook out. I could see both sides of the argument with a Thursday night game v. Saturday at a TBD kick, but those other three games, easy dubs. 3-0 going into Big 12 play.