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The Mid-Afternoon Dump: The Warriors are Back

I’m sure we’re all very happy that the scrappy underdog Golden State Warriors are back in the Finals.

BRING EM’ ON Easiest 4-0 start I’ve ever seen.

DEKKERS AND DIEW APPRECIATION Both Hunter Dekkers and Nyamer Diew received high praise from their head coaches.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT It’s like watching F1, except they’re people and much slower.

GET GOOD ISU women’s soccer will take your kids off your hands for a bit.

NEVER GETS OLD Is there ever a bad time to watch “the run”?

RETURN OF THE KLAY Who needs game 6 Klay when you can have game 5 Klay?

HOW THEY GOT THERE This Warriors squad is one of the best NBA squads of all time, all it took was patience to bring them back to the Finals.


GET READY With the Champions League final tomorrow afternoon get yourself prepared for everything you need to know.