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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Greatest Compiler on Earth

Steph Curry tries to lose another Finals MVP

STAYING HOME The home grown talent is staying in the state. 3-star Ath/DB Jamison Patton comitted to Iowa State

ANOTHER ONE This very well could be the state of Iowa’s best football class of all time. Or at least the most deep, next fall should be fun for Friday Night Lights.

AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE Can’t stop laughing that Texas and OU are going to be held hostage for at least year in the scariest basketball conference ever made. T’s and P’s to Porter Moser and Chris Beard... actually not Beard. He deserves it.

THE STREAK IS OVER Steph Curry has made at least one 3-pt shot in his last 233 games. But since it’s the Finals, he’s forgotten how to play basketball. Maple Jordan is the best player on this team.

-Matt Nelson

-Dylan Coon

IS GOLF OKAY? As someone who has no idea what’s going on, Saudi oil empires basically purchasing the sport seems, I don’t know, not great.

A THREAD This is a really cool thread that I stumbled upon. Learned a lot about how the PGA is quite literally built different.

THE GOAT Serena Williams will play at Wimbledon. What more do you need to know?

LESS THAN 10 DAYS OUT NBA draft night is quickly approaching. Here’s the Ringer’s latest mock.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK The journey through the MiLB continues. This has been the Chatanooga Lookout’s logo since ‘93, so I think they might have a case on a TM against the eyes emoji. Either way, elite logo.