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The Mid-Morning Dump: Let’s do that hockey

As they say in hockey.

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TEAM 49 IN THE BOOKS Here’s a look back at Iowa State’s 2022 season.

REALLY COMING TOGETHER Iowa State continues to get things looking better at Jack Trice.

HOOPS! Otz and the fellas have their first day under their belts.

BIG TIME CROOT Iowa State picks up the commitment from Iowa Western transfer Myles Norwood.

BOLD TAKES SZN David Braga rides the take train for the upcoming football season.

THE NIGHT CAP After a hiatus, The Night Cap returns with special guest Scott Christopherson.

FAKE KLAY Gets banned from the Chase Center and it was not his fault at all.

GIVE THIS GUY A RAISE Whoever got this video deserves more money, Aves take game one of the Stanley Cup Finals.

DOUBLE THE IMMACULATE The Houston Astros became the first team in MLB history to record two immaculate innings in the same day.

BRAD STEVENS BIG BRAIN Giving up his own job was the best thing he ever did.