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The Mid-Morning Dump: American Hero Ashley Joens

USA #1.

B-R-E-E-C-E BREECE BREECE BREECE The best running back in school history looks good in the green and white.

CROOT Iowa State lands a commitment from Carson Hansen.

BOLD TAKE SZN David Braga has some takes for your feed.

BACK IN HILTON Otz and the fellas were in Hilton yesterday.

AMERICAN HERO ASHLEY JOENS ISU’s finest is showcasing her talents as Team USA advances to Friday with a 2-0 record.

MY CHICAGO SKY 28-point comeback win, the largest in WNBA history.

GRONK IS (PROBABLY) RETIRED Where does he rank all-time for tight ends?

BIG USFL GUY My Generals are a wagon, suck it.