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The Mid-Morning Dump: Happy Fourth of July Week

Lots of Cyclone recruiting updates to cover

BUILDING MOMENTUM. The Cyclones are on a roll on the recruiting trail.

CROOT #1. Good get here in Tashawn James, 3-star safety

CROOT #2. This one is a nice Iowa get in Abu Sama from SE Polk.

BROCKINGTON CONTRACT. Exhibit 10 contract with the Pelicans for IZB.

ISU CLUB HOCKEY SUSPENDED. For hazing and other not good things.


AVS HOIST LORD STANLEY. Win their first title since 01.

MISSISSIPPI WINS CWS. Claims their first baseball natty.

DECISION TO BAN THE RUSSIANS. Was a no-brainer, says Wimbledon exec.

RAIN AT WIMBLEDON. Is going to impact the start.

PGA CRYING WOLFF. As Matthew Wolff joins the LIV league.

YES FINALLY. Peacock to stream Royals-Tigers without commenters.

FIGHTTTTTTTTTT. Between the Angels and Mariners lasted 4 months.

BIG PERK. Says the Celtics made Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo box to settle a beef.

NBA DRAFT RECAP. Winners and losers from the draft.