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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Nets Are Back

Haters are sick, throwing up, and generally unwell

I GOT 99 PROBLEMS but a commish ain’t one.

EVERY DAY Is one day closer to Cyclone football.

SHAMS BOMB After a few days of speculation, Kyrie is running it back with Brooklyn, and in turn, KD will be a Brooklyn Net next year as well.

IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME Free agency in the NBA is right around the corner. Here’s a dark horse free agent that could have a huge impact on the right team.

I MISS HIM Javy Baez continues to be my favorite baseball player even without a Cubs uniform on

THE BOXING FIGHT NOBODY IS ASKING FOR Boxing continues to be an absolute joke, and a shadow of its former self. Who wants to watch this?

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK Sometimes you just gotta check the vibes y’know? And no such vibes are quite as immaculate as a hot pink smore with sunglasses. Need their baseball hat immediately. The Rocky Mountain Vibes of the Pioneer League.