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The Mid-Morning Draymond: Dump Green Edition

Woof buddy.

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NEWEST CYCLONE Iowa State football earns the commitment from 3-star receiver, Kai Black.

THE PITCH B-e-a-utiful.

C’S WHOOP W’S Jaylen Brown leads the Celtics past Golden State.

FRAN WYA This same stat line landed Connor McCaffrey a full ride to Iowa.

OH, SO THAT’S NOT GOOD Draymond sums it up pretty good.

LIV SUX Rory making a lot of sense.

HORNS DOWN OU is a wagon.

#THANKYOUTOM Brady dyes his hair orange and raises $117,000 for pediatric cancer.

SALARY CAP DOES NOT EXIST Rams do not abide by the rules.

BIG YIKES The Missouri State baseball team had some rough living conditions, how are they the ones in trouble for it?