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Litecast: B1G Moves, The Conference Draft, & NBA Offseason

College football is breaking again.

Austin, Matt, & Dylan tackle the big conference realignment moves with UCLA and USC joining the Big Ten. What does this mean? Who is this even for? And what will the Big 12 do in response? Plus, the guys draft a perfect 10 team conference for Iowa State. Lastly, we discuss the big moves of the NBA offseason with Rudy Gobert going to the Timberwolves and the drama around the Brooklyn Nets. Presented by Es Tas Bar & Grill!

Who won the conference draft?

Austin: Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Louisville, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Colorado, Notre Dame

Matt: Nebraska, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Ohio State, Penn State, Virginia Tech, South Dakota State

Dylan: Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Michigan State, Illinois, TCU, Arizona