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The Mid-Morning Dump: Summer League

I Need More Basketball

MEDIA DAYS This was going to be my headline until I realized they start tomorrow and not today.

SUMMER HOOPS The chemistry is coming along

HAPPY SAD One of the coolest things about the Hoiberg era guys is they all still show Iowa State love, the sad thing, Morris has to play basketball for the Washington Wizards next year

THE LITECAST If you could put any 9 teams in a conference with Iowa State, who would they be?

TIGER TALK Tiger is not living for LIV

ARE YOU ACRISURE ABOUT THAT? Heinz Field will be renamed from ketchup to whatever acrisure is. Big Ben doesn’t like it.

SUMMER LEAGUE Jabari Smith and Tari Eason put on a defensive showcase last night. This Rockets team has some 2012 OKC Thunder vibes. I think they’re still a year away from being a year away.

THE LOGO Chet 4 Logo

BACHELORETTEs ARE BACK How will it work? After one episode, it’s unclear.

WHO’S ON THE BLOCK Kevin Durant for every player listed in this article. Who says no?

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK How about an almost logo? This one was so unpopular it never made an appearance on the field. It seems like the Iowa Caucuses are probably a long shot too.