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Introducing From The Other Cyde: WRNL’s Women’s Sports Podcast

Buckle up.

We are excited to share a new podcast with you! Aiden Wyatt and Iowa State softball player Lea Nelson have launched “From The Other Cyde”, a women’s sports podcast. Throughout the athletic season, Aiden and Lea will keep everyone up to date on all things Twister Sisters. For the rest of the summer, From The Other Cyde is hoping to have a new guest each week, shining some light to stories you might not normally get to hear from ISU female athletes.

In the inaugural episode of From The Other Cyde, Aiden introduces Iowa State softball player Lea Nelson and her TikTok career amongst other things, we hate on Iowa (as we should), give you the best reviews of dining halls on campus, and we draft the best walk-up songs.

Be sure to check it out wherever you find podcasts!