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The Mid-Morning Dump: How Many Beers Fit in the Claret Jug?

Cameron Smith would fit in great with Cyclone fans

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TAKE THAT UCLA. Milan Momcilovic has committed to the Cyclones.

NEW PODCAST. Good debut here for From The Other Cyde.

STAYING STEADY. As Matt Campbell enters year 7, this is the goal.

PATIENCE. Is going to be required for TJ and Co. headed into year 2.

SHUT UP DENNIS. Dennis Dodd is clearly a hater of the new Big 12.

STOLE IT AWAY. Cameron Smith won The Open over Rory McIlroy.

BEER. Cam Smith is on the hunt for it.

IDK. Was Smith’s response about joining the LIV Tour.

MLB DRAFT WAS LAST NIGHT. In case you missed it.

MIDSEASON AWARDS. Aaron Judge is a monster, folks.

LUDACRIS SPEED. Eagles WR Devon Allen was DQed from a hurdles event for starting too fast.

STEELERS QB BATTLE. Between Trubisky, Pickett, and Rudolph.

BEST IN THE NFL. Justin Jefferson is ready to be WR1 in 2022.

IS MAC JONES ON TB12? Apparently he has changed his diet and is in better shape.

HARDEN PAY CUT. The man clearly wants a ring.

SUMMER LEAGUE. Here are the winners and losers.