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The Mid-Morning Dump: Home Run Derby

Juan Soto is Home Run King

WATCH THIS Hunter Dekkers being able to throw to a Maxwell Watchlist WR during his first season isn’t a bad gig.

BEST OF THE BIG 12 Pretty hard to argue against these two candidates.

BACK ON CAMPUS I’m not going to lie to you and say I know who this man is, but I will tell the truth and say we need to get throwback versions of those helmets ASAP

BOTH PLAYED IN HILTON COLISEUM And both made the second team in summer league.

TRADE WHO? Juan Soto found his groove in the HR derby, but it’ll probably be his last accomplishment as a Washington National

BIG 10 BIAS USC is the betting favorite to win the CFP?

GOOD The Big 12 and PAC 12 aren’t going to merge, and they shouldn’t. Take the good stuff, let the rest figure itself out. Not our problem.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS Gets blown out of proportion. A lot happened, and none of it matters. That’s how the summer league works.

THIS IS IOWA This whole thing feels like you put ‘Iowa’ in an AI generator, and it regurgitated the most Iowan thing ever Iowan’d.

THE BEST THING I SAW THIS WEEK I would watch tee ball on ESPN3 if the kids were mic’d up.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK This week we head to the Appalachian League (A gold mine for ridiculous team names, hello Sock Puppets and Otterbots) but today it’s all about the Princeton Whistlepigs who celebrated their inaugural season in 2021.